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Three flexible bedding packages that let your independence and creativity shine through.

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The Look:

Decorative Top Sheet
(shown in Medallions/Mist)

The Accents:

Skirt (1.08 / Slate)
Scarf (1.06 / Slate)
Pillows (1.09 / Red)


Bed Scarf Fabrics

Patterns: 1.06 and 1.12
Colors: Bronze, Slate, Latte, Rust, Red

T3 Fresh Start

Pattern 1.06Pattern 1.12

Warp and Phil

The Look:

Full Length Bed Throw
(shown in 1.02 / Brown)

The Accents:

Skirt (1.05/ Latte)
Scarf (1.12 / Latte)
Bolster (1.11 / Blue)


Bed Throw Fabrics

Patterns: 1.01 and 1.02
Colors: Bronze, Blue, Ecru, Brown, Gold

T3 Fresh Start

Pattern 1.01Pattern 1.02


Duvet Covers and Top Sheet Fabrics

T3 Premium
T3 Premium

Micro-Fiber Pattern and Color Options

1. Medallions / Mist
2. Tiffany / Plum
3. Sole / Cream
4. MicroCheck / Sand

5. Medallions / White
6. Tiffany / White
7. Sole / White
8. MicroCheck / White


The Look:

Duvet Cover
(shown in Tiffany/White)

The Accents:

Skirt (1.04 / Rust)
Pillows (1.04 / Rust)


All accent pillow covers are easily removable for laundering.

Warp and Phil

Bed Skirt, Bolster, Accent Pillow Fabric Selections

T3 Logo bedding allows you to mix & match these fabrics to create amazing bed skirts and coordinating accent pillows.


Highest quality synthetic pillow and duvet inserts. Made in the USA!

Pillows and Duvet inserts
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